How good can NUFC make you feel? The new manager, Steve McClaren has emailed me personally. It’s great to know he cares. You can see the email here.

Since he has taken the trouble, why not reply? 

Thanks Steve for your informative email. It’s good to see that you want to communicate with me as a disillusioned supporter. Welcome to SJP, even though I am one of those who was not quite as “warm” about your appointment. However, 2 wins in 13 at Derby is an improvement on Carver who had 2 in 19. 

I suppose you are a bit better than Pardew too. At least you got to 7th with Boro and he only managed 9th with West Ham. You left Forest and Derby, he left Charlton and Southampton so you haven’t had any relegations. You also won a cup final where he came 2nd. 

It’s great to hear that you have always wanted to be Head coach here. It was easy to be mistaken when you turned us down twice this year as well as once before. We are so bloody lucky that Derby sacked you really. Well done for waiting. We had to pay compensation to get Souness. A couple more games, eh? 

Like I say, well done on the communicating front. Your MD did tell the Chronicle that communications needed to be improved and he also promised to bring forward a Fans’ Forum meeting. It never happened. To date, only your boss, Ashley has given an interview in public, the one you were impressed by apparently. 

That Fans’ Forum thing never did happen before the end of the season. At times you need to manage your boss. I hope you learn that lesson quickly. 

It’s also great to hear that “the players are applying themselves fantastically”. One day into the job and you are working miracles. You should have seen them for the 2nd half of last season. They were losing points faster than Derby. 

You’re right, we do want to see signings and know we are behind just about every other club in the league. We have got used to it under Ashley. Players go and aren’t replaced. We have learned that these things take time. Hell, look at Cabaye, he is going to his 2nd club since we sold him and still haven’t got a replacement. The same could be said of Andy Carroll who has taken longer to replace. 

Never mind, eh? Ashley’s 5 year plan has taken 8 years so far, apparently you have another 8 years potentially. 16 years for the 5 year plan to happen is fine. 

On the plus side, if it is going to take time, after the shambles of last season we can look forward to a good time. The season ticket that there is no rush to renew allows us to spend the money on a good holiday. Thanks for the tip off. 

It makes me realise what a great example Ashley is. If he isn’t going to spend any money on the club, why should I. A cruise to the Norwegian fjords will be much more fun. 

On the plus side, I am sure we will see that Marveaux is like another new signing after his success at Guincamp, particularly in the Europa League Likewise, Vuckic will be like another new signing after his near success at Rangers. Likewise, Mbiwa will be after getting into the Champions League with Roma, unless I got that wrong. 

There is a lot of talent around in the squad. Abeid proved that when qualifying for the Champions League the season before last. The squad just lacks balance as we have consistently highlighted on this site. We are just a few defenders, strikers, wide midfielders and playmakers short of a quality squad. 

It’s good to see a coaching team had been appointed. By many criteria, the most successful coach in our history, Chris Hughton was let down by the club not employing a team around him after his former assistant took up a managerial post. 

The fact that you have been allowed to get your own coaches in augurs well for you lasting longer than those 10 league games at Forest. 

It’s also good to see that you are not letting Pardew nick all our staff, Woodman staying up here with his son. Will we be keeping Krul and the lovely Wendy Taylor too? 

I can’t wait for the next promised instalment. It should be good reading. Along with all of those others who have suffered with me under Ashley, I admire your preparation. 

Hopefully, next time you are armed to launch into a rendition of “Singing In the Rain”, those sods who turn out on the field will not let you down. You could learn a lot from that Wise chap who was here (clip below).