Epiphany is a significant day in the Christian calendar, 6th January, 12th night, recognised the day that 3 wise men revealed the coming of a Messiah. Perhaps more significantly January announced the second coming of Keegan, his first appointment being 5 days overdue in February. 

In colloquial terms, epiphany is defined as a moment of great realisation, or revelation. It’s probably just a bit too early to see what those 3 wise men, Carr, Ashley and Charnley will reveal, although judging by the 4,000+ at Leicester and the social media since, a moment of realisation arrived prematurely. Yes, and “we’re sick of it”. 

The London press report that in his Thursday press conference, Pardew is preparing to “lift the lid” on why he left Newcastle. Don’t be too surprised if he holds back from saying how Newcastle can’t compete with the big clubs who can pay their manager 212% more than Ashley would, how Palace can afford to make funds available in the transfer market, how Palace can have a cup run of more than 1 game. 

The lid lifting might go as far as how Palace is in his blood, how he loves his fans and his semi-final goal, a moment of self aggrandisement. 

Transfer window
The transfer window has bee open 24 hours, the first move being announced is that of Ben Arfa signing for Nice. Good luck to the lad. On Tyneside he has provided plenty of hours of both debate and entertainment. Added to the compensation for Pardew and the wage savings, Ashley is winning to the tune of about £1m per day from NUFC in 2015. 

The inward loan of Ferrreya looks closer to coming to an end as does Mbiwa. As well as Sissoko being among the rumoured departures, along with perhaps Tiote, the latest alleged target is the young player of the season so far, Ayoze Perez has joined the speculation list, at a fee significantly higher than the pittance that was paid for him. The cynic might suggest that the top 5 were dropped against Leicester to preserve their market value. 

Talking of Ashley, this could be argued to be a time of discomfort for him. The first of those fronts is at NUFC. Supporter unrest is not new since he took the club over. Notable for his boycott of the club for several matches last year under the painful penance of management served up by Pardew, the abdication of FA Cup ambition marls the 6pth year since Newcastle won the most prestigious of club cup competitions. 

His caretaker, once Geordie John Carver, revealed that certian players chose to make themselves unavailable through injury. In other news, Marcelino, Michael Owen and Winston Bogarde have not ruled themselves out of the race for the managerial hot seat. 

The press seem to be suggesting that Ashley’s invasion of Scotland is doomed to be as successful as the Roman Empire’s. Another group have raided the Stock Market to gain a stake in the giants of dwarf Scottish football. His hearing with the SFA (link) is due to be heard at the end of the month. The dominant shareholders have to make their bidding intentions known in early February under Stock Exchange rules.

However little we think of Ashley as a person, the one thing that he does seem to have a grasp on is cash flow. His short term loans can be withdrawn on demand. He has choices, his shares can be sold at a profit but the short term funding scenario means he can pull the plug at any minute. There is the possibility that his competitors’ £18m investment can turn to dust, his securities on the loans mean that he would lose as little as £1m. His tanks may be parked on the SFA lawn with his rivals set to swim with the tropical fish that those tanks contain.

The third of the clubs promoting Ashley’s leading brand, as well as that of Sondico, is Oldham. Their rumoured signing of a certain Ched Evans has inspired revolt and revulsion. 

Whilst a number of Oldham sponors have made their feelings known, notably Ashley’s leading brand has maintained silence on their position. Even the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner has called on Ashley’s to distance himself from supporting the unrepentant convicted rapist. 

SD remain tight-lipped on the issue. If there is anything in the Ayoze rumours, not to mention the Cisse rumours in Turkey, Newcastle United will need a new striker. Is there any low that the man who put the Wonga name on children’s replica kit would not stoop? Some say tat any publicity is good publicity?

Funnily enough, at the start of the season, when Ashley’s monkey grinder’s assistant has a torrid run of 6 games without a win, Moyes had become the bookies’ favourite to take over at St James’ Park. 

Despite being a few points above the drop zone, the mighty Barcelona were humbled. Messi, albeit from the bench, was contained. Luis Enrique is thrust into candidacy for Newcastle United. 

 With all that is going on at Newcastle, Rangers and Oldham, this is clearly an uncomfortable time for Ashley - basting in Barbados sunshine.