In a week where we have seen captain Colo ad to the message to get behind the team, it is so refreshing to see the club’s response.

Of course, the players on the field responded, having fallen behind to an Anichebe goal, Anichebe reminding us that his fellow Nigerian with a similar career record, Shola Ameobi, was not replaced during the summer. 

Yes, supporters got behind the team. 

In his big interview with the Chronicle in January, Lee Charnley accepted that communication with supporters was in need of improvement. Charnley is obviously a man of his word. 

Mike Ashley has been, to say the least, frugal in his comment to the media. In a week when a Conservative victory in the general election gave him a £200m increase in his wealth, as his share prices rose, Ashley himself has been as magnanimous as his Chairman. A point against West Brom, that has perhaps helped ensure that revenues do not go down by £80m next season, has been equally outgoing. 

The crowd got behind the team. We saw some effort and ended a run of 8 games with consecutive defeats. 

The crowd put aside their protests and it is great to see both Ashley and Charnley thank supporters for contributing to the maintenance of Ashley’s wealth next season. 

For those of you who missed the news, they have not gone about it publicly. You could be forgiven for thinking they have not gone about it at all. 

We can imagine that a few bottles of lovely bubbley were imbibed to celebrate the lack of protest. For once Ashley’s corpulent frame and parentage were not questioned. The battle to avoid an £80m revenue loss, sorry, the battle to avoid relegation was maintained in the players’ hands, despite a serious lack of investment over 7 years relative to the rest of the Premier League. 

Great stuff, Mike and Lee. It is good to see that you appreciate the devotion of supporters to keeping you in a healthy lifestyle, Mike adding to his billions and Lee “earning” a six figure salary. 

Your warm words are appreciated by supporters. In future, just don’t keep them to yourselves, eh?