It has emerged that Newcastle United will not be meeting with Patrick Viera. In truth, he was never the man for Newcastle United. The way is now clear for the perfect manager to make his entrance. 

To dwell for a moment on Viera, he is a man whose managerial future is ahead of him. His coaching so far has been to provide the money men at Manchester City with a platform for future talent. 

His personal strengths come from his reputation as a player. At club level, he won 7 league titles in 2 countries with 3 teams. He also won 7 cups. At international level, a World Cup and European Championship add to the glory. 

Some might compare with Shearer who managed us after becoming the top scorer in our history. Others will argue that a midfielder has a more holistic perspective. None can argue that both served under successful managers, Viera had more team successes. 

That opportunity has gone. The media would have us believe that now, it is pretty much a straight choice between John Carver and Steve McClaren. 

Carver of course can argue that he saved the club single handedly from relegation with a magnificent win on the final day against a West Ham team with nothing to play for. He can point to his hard handed managerial skills, being able to tell players to pass the phone as he gave news that they were no longer needed. He has been having bust ups since the Bellamy days. 

Cruel observers wold argue that the final day salvation was akin to the Thatcher government, which reduced unemployment from 3 million to 2 million but had to put it up from 1 million to 3 million to achieve that feat. 

There is though one man who meets all the criteria. Step forward a man with international credentials, with experience at many clubs. 

Ashley is known to want to achieve 10th position, perhaps even more. His position with regard to cups is that they are an inconvenience. Europe requires investment that he has hitherto been unprepared to put in. 

Steve McClaren is known for being one of the few English managers to win a domestic trophy, the League Cup with then free spending Middlesbrough. He also made a UEFA final and developed abroad with e league win in Holland, steering Twente to a title. Clearly he has learned from experience. 

Those few blips seem to be an eternity ago. The lesson of how draining European travel can be presented him with the perfect stage to further Ashley’s ambition. As manager of England, with arguably the strongest generation of players in England’s history, he managed to avoid taking them to the European Championship, sealed by defeat at Wembley against Croatia. 

During his spell, he had a run of 1 goal in 5 games, a record to rival Pardew and Carver at their worst. Defeat to Israel, draws against the mighty Macedonia and Estonia sealed McClaren’s ability to produce mediocrity out of talent. To finish behind the qualification places aligned him perfectly to Ashley’s objectives. 

After his blip at Twente, McClaren moved to Wolfsberg who had won the Bundesliga in 2009. They had finished just outside the European qualification places the following year. McClaren stepped into the breach and ensured that the latter fate would not happen again. When leaving the club, he had achieved 12th place, safe but in no danger of putting the team through those tiring Europa nights. 

Next stop was Forest where McClaren did what he does best. The team were above the Championship drop zone after 10 games, if only by a point. The start to the season meant that there was no way Forest would have to invest all that horrible money to strengthen for the Premier League. 

He did have another reminder of the Europa league with his return to Twente. He learned again and after riding high, a sequence of 6 games without a win saw him part ways with his employers. 

Having moved to Derby, McClaren showed us why he is the permanent successor to Alan Pardew. His last season began full of hope, from the 10th game of the season being either in an automatic promotion spot or down to the play off places. 2 wins in the last 13 created the opportunity for an early holiday and once again, no need to invest for the Premier League. It was a masterstroke to end the season with a 3-0 home defeat against a bottom 6 side. 

So there we have it, the perfect candidate for Ashley. Taking on board the early lessons, cups are no longer a factor. Twente aside, he has never been in with a realistic shout of being a top performer in the league. The inconvenience of Europe and the need to invest appropriately are a thing of the past. 

Just like Pardew, sacked by a league 1 club, McClaren can provide stability, almost nobody in the top flight being prepared to take him on. In Steve McClaren, Ashley has the perfect man for his Newcastle United. He may even increase sales of certain NUFC merchandise.